Thursday, March 25, 2010


Transform yourself, transform your world. Have you changed, have you tried to become better? Do you think you need to change, and be a better person?  Have you challenged yourself to go beyond what you know; to step out of your comfort zone and walk blindly into the unknown? We grow and become wiser with experience, with listening, with respect, and among other things,  with a humble heart.  Change can benefit most of us in the world today, a new step in a different direction, beyond the boundaries of our imagination, where we dare to dream about the possibilities of "What could be".  There you should dig and find what your transformation should be, where it can take you, and how it can benefit your life.  Without change, we do not grow. Without experience we lack knowledge, and without being humbled every now and then, we can never see beyond ourselves, to the beauty  surrounding us in each day. 
We tend to look to others, finding their faults, and expecting them to be the sole owners of change.  Rarely do we look, to ourselves,  where change is most needed.   We can all improve something about ourself, before we poke fun at others; none of us are perfect,  and we can learn something from everyone around us, if weonly  try.   Step out of your routine, open your eyes to someone or something you haven't before noticed, don't be so quick to judge others; try and learn something new from ,or about a person you would  normally just glide by in life.  Study them like you would a painting, or piece of art, look deeper, beyond the surface, for longer that a split second.  Like the cover of a book, open up the hard front, inside you may find a chapter into a future, beyond your expectations.  You may never know how that one person could be able to expand your world.  There are new doors that open for each of us every day, it is our choice to go beyond the doorway of what we know, to make a self transformation.  We won't always succeed, but we gain knowledge and strength from the experience, and confidence, from the will to try.  Transform yourself today, I hope you succeed!!!   
  .  Webster Dictionary's definition of the word transform - to change form, nature, character, or disposition of; to transmute; to be changed, change of outward appearance or inner nature, one who or that which transforms; an electrical device for changing voltage up or down

TRANSFORMATIONS - Collections of digitally reworked images.  Original photographs by Jen Sparks, abstract art by digital manipulation.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nature to Neutral

"Nature to Neutral" this collection, is a series of my own outdoor, nature photographs, transformed through digital enhancements, into abstract designs.  The colors and tones,  in these pieces, mimic those natural colors that we find in our daily environment. The textures of the outdoors, are still very apparent, and in some cases, still in their natural form, and recongnizable.