Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Recycled Dog Bed for Ozzie

 I pulled inspiration from pinterest and decided to recreate,  recycle and repurpose, all in one project.
This case is my old beauty school equipment case from 1989.  The case is still in good solid shape, along with all the hardware.  It has been living life as my daughters play-doh holder for many years, still in great shape, but needed a new life. 
I cut a piece of luaun just shy of the inside measurements of the box.  This was mounted with the 4" foam and wrapped with batting and fabric, secured with a staple gun.  I used an upside down basket inside of the box to lift and raise the height of the cushion. 
For the lid, the first process was repeated, the insert was wrapped in batting and fabric and secured with stapes on underside, and glued back into lid.  The outside of box was painted different shades of brown with black accents to age box. The hardware was painted copper and aged with black paint.
 The legs are prefab plain wood legs that I purchased at Home Depot. Drilled holes in bottom of box for threaded screw in leg, but there wasn't enough room to add a nut, so glue, and an extra screw were added through box into leg for extra stability.  The legs were painted white and aged with brown and black paint.
We have two generic store bought dog beds for Ozzie, but none of them compare in comfort or looks, to his new little throne. I don't mind having this one in the middle of the living room floor, it's looks more like a piece of furniture, or a footstool than a dog bed; and as you can see by that adorable face, Ozzie is a happy dog,  enjoying his new bed.   This was a fun, quick, easy project. 
Love those pinterest ideas, have fun and dive in!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Flower Friday                        

Pattern Print Art - "The Chain" by Jen Sparks

Pattern print art.  Using positive and negative space with bold lines to create ever changing, design patterns within this one image.
To purchase this print on paper, canvas, or acrylic, visit link below image  ca

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Canvas, Acrylics and dryer sheets = Abstract Art

Having a little fun working with something new, for me.  I'm used to creating using canvas and acrylic paints as my medium, but I've started exploring with dryer sheets, to help create some extreme textures on the flat surface of the canvas. Pictured is the product of  art and recycling combined.                        "Worn Leather" 18" x 18" canvas